Unusual Picnic Games

Picnic games for your next picnic!

Gone are the days where a simple leisurely afternoon on a picnic blanket is considered fun. In today's society, we are active and going, we are looking for fun and games, even when we picnic! Picnic games do not have to be complicated; they can be easy, fun, and nearly free! Here's a picnic game or two for you to try on your next picnic outing:

Picnic Game #1: Clothespin Tag

For those that want physical activity in their picnic game, try a little game of 'Clothespin Tag.' Supplies include people (the more the merrier!) and a bag of clothespins. For this picnic game, the clothespins are available at any local variety store. Simply clip 2 or 3 clothespins at various spots on picnic attendee's shirts. Then yell 'GO!' The one with the most clothespins at the end of this picnic game wins!

Picnic Game #2: Chair Balance

Tired, take a seat with this picnic game, 'Chair Balance.' See how long you can sit...without a chair! This is a fun activity you can do with your buddies. You'll need at least six people: four for each chair, one person to remove the chairs, and one person to spot the people on the chairs.

Set four chairs with the front of each chair touching the right side of each chair, making a square. Have your four friends sit on them so each person can lean back and rest his head on another person's lap. When all four people are lying on each other and their feet are firmly on the ground, take away the chairs. See how long everybody can stay balanced using only your legs.

Picnic Game #3: What in the world are YOU doing?

For those that would enjoy more mental exercise for their picnic game, try this variation on charades, called 'What in the world are YOU doing?' To play this picnic game, the first player pretends to do something, like drink water. The next player asks 'What in the world are YOU doing?' The first player answers, saying something other than what they were doing. In our example for this game, the first player, who was pretending to drink water might say, 'I was driving my car.' Then the second player has to pretend they are driving a car, the third player then goes through the process again. This picnic game is best played fast, and if someone messes up and says what they were actually doing, they are out.

Picnic Game #4: Memory

For some more mental exercise, try a picnic game of 'Memory'. Here's a clue: to your memory be true. To play this game you'll need a tray full of lots of different objects, a towel, a watch to time the game, and a good memory. Everyone who's playing gets 15 seconds to stare at the tray with all the objects. Use a watch to keep time. Then cover all the objects on the tray with a towel. Each player has 20 seconds to write down every object she can remember. All the players compare their lists. If anyone has the same objects on their lists, those objects get crossed off. Whoever has the most items not crossed off wins this fun picnic game!

Creative Picnic Games

The most successful picnic game is creative and unusual, because fun picnics should be also. Try out these picnic games next time you pack your picnic basket for 4 and it will be a picnic that you never forget!

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