Company Picnic Games

Company picnics are a chance to get out of the suit and the heels and enjoy life for a while. Often times, the best company picnic games are those that let us be children again. Co-workers get to see a fun side of each other, and it makes for great water cooler conversation for months to come. The inclusion of a picnic backpack / basket makes it even more enjoyable!

Try out some of these company picnic game ideas:

We call this picnic game “Don’t spill my drink!"

How many times have you been working on an important project only to spill coffee or a drink all over those important papers or diskettes? In this company picnic game, here’s your chance to laugh at that irony and have some fun!

  • For this game, each player needs a big plastic cup of water. This is best played on a big flat surface (any parking lot, tennis court, or basketball court will do!)
  • Simply give each player a cup of water. Have the player set the glass on the ground. Chalk out a 2-3 foot circle around the cup. Players stand inside the circle to defend their cup of water. Players cannot have more than one foot out of the circle to defend their water. Players can only defend their water with their feet.
  • Now, for this picnic game, pick the “neat freak” of the office and hand them a soccer ball. Convince them their job is to make the biggest mess possible and knock over all of the water cups.
  • Then stand back and watch! This company picnic game will be the story of legend in your office next week! The winner of the game is either the neat freak or the person with the least water spilled!
  • Company picnic rained out? Try this came with cups of confetti or cereal in the lunchroom—just make sure to be nice to the custodian afterwards!

We call this picnic game “You have THAT in your desk?” or “The great pocket/purse adventure”

We all know that one person in our office that seems to have everything except the kitchen sink in their purse or desk. This company picnic game celebrates that person who is ready for anything!

This game can be played at the picnic or as a quick Friday afternoon celebration to blow off some steam in the office.

  • Find the most creative thinker in your office before this game and have them make a list of some of the strangest things they have known of people to carry in their purse, pockets, or have in their desk.
  • Then find the most ordinary person in your office and have them make a list of the things that everyone needs in their purse, pockets, or desk
  • Combine these two lists. Then cut all the words apart, put in a hat, and scare up a prize! (How about a company mug, t-shirt, early afternoon off, anything to show for bragging rights!)
  • Gather everyone in one spot. Tell them the first one to produce the item gets a point, the one with the most points wins.
  • Pull the word, and watch the fun! This company picnic game will sure have a few laughs floating around the room!

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