Portable Coffee Backpacks & Totes

Portable Coffee Backpacks & Totes

What's better than sipping tea and coffee on your porch or patio? How about using one of our tea or coffee totes to enjoy your hot beverage of choice in the great outdoors? Our coffee backpacks and coffee totes contain full beverage service for up to 4. With accessories like stainless-steel mugs, milk and sugar holders and spoons, you'll have everything you need to enjoy fresh coffee at your picnic. We also carry tea totes too, with gorgeous bamboo serving trays and hand-painted tea cups. One of the reasons our coffee totes and coffee backpacks are so popular--besides their affordable price--is that they're absolutely spill proof, ensuring that you can satisfy your caffeine craving without a mess.

A lovely basket. The picture is just what it looked like when it came. The reason me not giving 5 stars is because one of the glasses came broken. I emailed the company and I did not get a response.

The set is lovely!! The reason for the four stars and not five is because one of the cups came broken and I emailed the company and got no response.

Excellent for picnics on the beach. Keep food very cool. Didn't get to thermos content until next day, beverage still cold. Would recommend!

Since I cannot rate this 7 stars 5 will have to do. We are happier with this set than we imagined we would be and our expectations were high. The cups are double wall so they do not get hot on the outside. The thermos has a pop up top so you do not have to open it all the way, less chance to spill. Would make an amazing gift.

By Mark M.
Picnic at Ascot Surrey Picnic Basket for 2 w/Blanket & Coffee, Brown Wicker/Bahamas

After recieving my picnic basket I was very pleased with the quality. I was surprised by how well the whole offer was put together. I highly recommend this basket.

Very true to the web site's description and pictures. I am happy with the product I received, thanks for offering it!

By Richard L.
Sutherland Java Mountain Coffee Set

We love this item; but we have a suggestion: The main zipper (the longest one) needs to be more substantial.

By Kellie O.
Sutherland Java Mountain Coffee Set

This set is awesome! We are so excited to use it often. The only drawback is the cover for the wheels - trying to pull it along on the wheels and the cover slipped down over the wheels, immediately tearing a hole into the fabric.

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