Picnic Accessories

Picnic Accessories

Our picnic baskets for 2, 4 and 6 come with a multitude of products, but if you're looking for something to further compliment your picnic basket, check out our huge variety of picnic accessories.

Do you need an umbrella to shield the sun or protect your party from the rain? How about a pair of wine holders to hold your wine glasses while you relax in one of our portable reclining chairs? Our collection of affordable picnic accessories is a grab bag of picnic lagniappe. In fact, for the grill master in your family, we even offer a portable gas grill, complete with cooking mitts and BBQ tools. Besides being a stellar addition to any picnic outing, it makes a killer gift for Dad's birthday or Father's Day.

Picnic Time Hamilton Travel Bar for Four (Black)
$329.95 $366.95
Free Shipping

Great item! Bought one for me! Bought a second one for a gift!

Love it. Sturdy and easy to set up. Perfect and easy to sit in and get up.

Really like the chair! Well made. Looks good! Thanks, for a nice chair.

I love the wide seat, I have a friend that is a bit large and he thought it was very comfortable! I now need a matching hat

We always look for something unsual that people wouldn't go out and purchase - our company does a lot of donations to Silent Auctions and this was right in our price range and when filled with groceries or trunk items, it's perfect!

It fits in the boot and I like the way it folds up to save space when it's not filled.

The only thing cuter than the cat cork caddy is the dog cork caddy.

Cute addition to the Wine Stand, wanted the Owl but out of stock. Friends who stop and notice the Cat thought it was a cute concept.

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