Water Boats & Furniture

Water Boats & Furniture

The banks of lakes and rivers are always popular campsites, which is why we carry a number of inflatable boat products that will help you have a blast in the water!

Our inflatable boat designs range from four-person excursion models, complete with lightweight oars and inflatable seat cushions, to towable water tubes that can be hauled behind a speedboat. We also carry a number of key accessories, like kayak chairs, bilge pumps, paddles and helmets.

All the items in our inflatable boat collection, like everything we sell, comes with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

SportsStuff Poparazzi
$429.99 $549.99
AirHead Viper 2
$229.99 $289.99
AirHead Viper 1
$158.99 $189.99
AirHead Viper 3
$316.99 $399.99
AirHead Hot Dog
$189.99 $219.99