Rightline Gear 100S10 Sport 1 Car Top Carrier, 12 cu ft

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The Rightline Gear Sport 1 Car Top Carrier is the highest quality Car Luggage Carrier in its price range.


• 100% Waterproof

• Attaches through the car, with car clips (sold separately) and to roof racks

• Aerodynamically designed to save $$ on gas.

• Designed for wagons, crossovers, and sedans (will also fit larger vehicles), WITH or WITHOUT a roof rack

• ZipRight System, urethane coated zipper, and Dual Seam Technology

• Constructed of PVC Mesh (nylon re-enforced PVC) and Hydrotuff material (PVC-backed polyester). UV Resistant.

• Includes: car top carrier, (4) nylon straps, stuff sack, and complete set up guide

The luggage carrier features the innovative ZipRight zipper system, a urethane coated zipper located on the protective flap to keep rain out.

The Sport 1 Car Luggage Carrier is aerodynamically designed to cut the wind (14" high in front and 19" high in back) which saves $$$ at the gas pump. The luggage carrier is constructed of PVC Mesh (nylon re-enforced PVC) and Hydrotuff Material (PVC-backed polyester) and is UV resistant. The ZipRight zipper unzips 3/4 of the way around the car carrier to provide an easy loading opening.

The Sport 1 Car Top Carrier can be used on vehicles WITH or WITHOUT roof racks.

Attach the Sport 1 Car Top Carrier In One Of Three Ways:

1. Roof Rack - If using the roof top carrier on a vehicle with a roof rack, attach the straps between the roof rack cross bars, side rails or both. See the Sport Car Top Carrier Set Up Guide to learn more.

2. Through The Vehicle - If using the roof top carrier on a vehicle without a roof rack, run the straps over the car roof carrier, through the open vehicle door, across the inside roof and around to the other side. See the Sport Car Top Carrier Set Up Guide to learn more.

3. Car Clips - If using the roof top carrier on a vehicle without a roof rack, use the Rightline Gear Car Clips (purchased separately) to strap over the roof top carrier and clip onto an available ledge (in most cases under the weather stripping) inside the vehicle's door frame. See the Car Clip link to learn more.

Dimensions: 38" L x 34" W x 14-19" H

Capacity: 12 cu ft

Model Number: 100S10
Catalog Number: 16321
Average Rating:
By Eric T. from York, NE
July 29, 2007

This car top carrier fit our needs well! It is large enough to give the extra cargo we need yet packs small enough to be stored easily. It secures easily to our vehicle and travels well going down the road. I am pleased with this product and would recommend it to others.

By Darin S. from Pensacola, FL
August 19, 2006

It holds a LOT and kept the items dry even in the rain.

By Lucy M. from Chicago, IL
February 7, 2006

The car top carrier was a x-mas gift for my husband. He loved it.

By Andy B. from Lumberton, NJ
August 27, 2009

The product is durably built. I didn't drive in the rain while using it, so cannot speak to waterproof ability. It is spacious enough. The only issue I had was with trying to pack it so that the weight is distributed evenly enough to prevent shifting once I began moving. If you can manage that, the product will work pretty well.

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More Info

Car Top Carrier Packing And Strapping Instructions

The directions below are for the Classic Car Top Carrier with its fold and bend closure. The Sport carriers zip shut around the top with the ZipRight closure. Car top carriers are easy to use with just a little practice.

It is usually the easiest to pack your carrier on the roof of your vehicle. All carriers should be placed with their closed end facing the front of the vehicle. Make sure the roof rack is secure to the your vehicle and don't load over your rack's weight limits. Remember to clean the roof of your vehicle first. The optional Non-skid Roof Protection Pad is shown under the carrier in these photos.

The PackRight waterproof liner is shown in the picture below. It fits inside any car top carrier. All PackRight carriers are made of waterproof Hydrotuff material, but it is possible for a small amount of water to seep in through the seams. The waterproof liner is available to keep your gear 100% dry, even at highway speeds.

how to pack a car top carrier

Fold back one edge of the Classic Carrier to keep the Velcro from sticking together while loading.

packing a rooftop cargo carrier

Place any items with sharp or pointed edges in the middle and pack softer items around them. This packing approach will protect the carrier material and the roof of your vehicle. Pack the carrier full so that the sides are pulled tight. This step prevents the carrier material from flapping in the wind and keeps the load from shifting which may cause the straps to loosen. Leave at least 12" of unpacked space at the opening of the carrier so that there is room to fold the closure shut.

loading a rooftop car top luggage carrier

Connect the Velcro tabs on both sides and then secure the top and bottom Velcro pieces together at the opening. Roll the opening toward the gear tightly with at least two to three folds - just like rolling up a potato chip bag. If the carrier is not at maximum capacity, keep rolling until the bag is tight around the gear.

Bend the two ends of the opening together and clip the buckle. Tighten the buckle strap to make sure it is secure. If the Velcro sections do not easily press together or you can't get at least two to three folds, it probably means the Classic Carrier is over packed. The big fabric loops by the buckles can be used with the PackRight Security Cable Lock. Run the cable through the loops and around the roof rack, adjusting the cable for a tight fit so that the lock doesn't bounce around.

Using a Roof Rack

Using two straps front to back or two straps side to side will function properly; however, using all four straps is the most secure method of attachment. Each carrier comes with a Strapright Strap Set (4 straps).

Each StrapRight strap consists of two pieces connected through a center buckle. Unthread the free piece from the buckle and secure it to your rack by threading the end through the loop and pulling tight. Go to the opposite side of the vehicles roof rack and secure the other piece to the rack by the same method. Run both straps through the carriers plastic rings or handles on each side. Bring the straps together (should be on the top corner of the carrier) and thread the free strap back through the center buckle.

The straps opposite piece has a plastic tri-glide to secure the extra length of the strap so that it doesnt flap in the wind. When adjusting the straps through the center buckle, make sure to thread enough length through each side so that they will not pull out under tension. Always check straps before driving and tie off any excess strapping. If the straps are too long, cut off the extra length and melt ends to prevent fraying.

Do not attach straps to the plastic rings or handles. They will cause them damage. The strap tension from one roof rail to the other over the top of the carrier secures the load. Position the straps at least 20 apart. This diagram shows what a properly packed carrier should look like when you are finished.

StrapRight straps must be snug but not "piano wire" tight. When the carrier is fully loaded, the straps are snug, and the loose ends are tied off, you are ready to go. We recommend a test drive around the neighborhood before you leave on your trip. Remember to check the straps regularly throughout your trip.

No Roof Rack

If your vehicle does not have a roof rack, you may secure the carrier to the roof by following one of two options. First, you may run the StrapRight Straps (provided with the carrier) through the vehicle and around the carrier to secure the load. Second, you may use the Car Clip Strap Set (purchased separately) to attach to the vehicle's door frame and around the carrier to secure the load. Read more about this second option by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

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