Woodman's Pal Classic Made in the USA Machete with Cordura Sheath & Honing Stone, 481-NS

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The Woodman's Pal Classic Machete is a prime example of the practical ingenuity that made America great. This multipurpose tool, meticulously manufactured by Pennsylvanian craftsmen, can do it all: prune, chop firewood, cut down small trees, clear brush, and more. The machete's carbon steel blade is expertly honed and unbelievably tough; it can and will last through any job. This is the impressive level of quality that America's ancestors could bet their lives on, and is finally within your grasp with this fine steel.


•Handcrafted in Pennsylvania with all American made raw materials.

•Weight: 23 oz. Length: 17"

Blade Length 10.375 inches
Blade Material Stainless Steel (high carbon)
Sheath Material Cordura
Blade Edge Plain
Point Blunt tip
Handle Material Wood
Total Length 17 inches
Blade Color Black
Sheath Included Yes
Pocket Clip Included No
Knife Type Fixed Blade
Knife Weight 23 ounces
Handle Color Brown/Tan
Country of Origin USA
Machete Type Weighted
Model Number: 481-NS
Catalog Number: 39678
Average Rating:
By Bill D. from Washington State
May 20, 2014

Well made, super quality.! Fast, hassle free shipping by the great company. This is an excellent investment!

By Darrell H. from Texas
May 5, 2013

This is a great tool it works like a Axe or a hatchet but a lot easier to use.

By Mac W. from Chattanooga, TN
January 6, 2013

The Woodman's Pal is one if not the best machetes I have ever used, it is perfectly balanced and holds an edge like no other blade I've encountered, it is a great buy and I'm very pleased that something this good can still be made in America

By John D. from North Dakota
January 3, 2012

This is a great tool for the outdoors really good price and great quality!

By Keith W. from Central, AR
September 26, 2011

Always wanted a Woodman's Pal but wouldn't spend the money. After wasting money over the years buying other brand name machetes and not being satisfied, I finally broke down and bought the best. This machete is awesome, it will chop trees like an axe. I should have bought one years ago.

By Tom V. from Hot Springs, AR
March 28, 2011

This is a great all around camping, back yard, gardening tool. Weight forward design, terrific blade, stout wood handle with strap and an all leather sheath with an included stone for blade tune up. Have used in repeatedly for the last few months and have 0 complaints. Stays sharp so be careful.

By Shirley F. from Dewitt, IL
January 23, 2011

Overall quality is good, the right length, and good compromise on blade hardness. Good design on the weed hook and handle. I like it.

By Michael M. from Conesus, NY
June 14, 2010

It was everything they advertised. Nice to have on a walk through the woods. I have 60 acres of mostly woods and a few plots of crops and it has been a real asset to have around. From clearing brush to keeping trails trimmed up or just plain hacking everything in your path down this does the job. Stays sharp, well made, works well and sharpens easily.

By Jeff C. from Adel Iowa
June 3, 2010

Always great to buy an American product! Has great balance, cuts many different materials,used to clear shooting lanes from deer stand, worked great

By Matt J. from Tustin, MI
March 4, 2010

This is the rare thing today - a first rate, functional, well-constructed tool. I was a little put off by the seemingly high price and a little concerned about its (short) length. It is well worth the price and the length is an advantage in many brush clearing or limbing operations. I put it to a good test in the viney, shrubby woodlands I own in the panhandle of Florida. It keeps a nice edge and is the right weight and balance. I could chop through 3/4" oak limbs in a single blow and handle larger stuff by using it like a hatchet. It does not work real well for loose hanging vines (better to get a long machete for that work). I'm considering getting the longer version of the Pal as well. Buy the kit with holster and stone, both of those items are also very functional. Great piece of equipment.

By Josh D. from Half Moon Bay, CA
February 3, 2010

Wow, this tool is the example all other machete's should be judged by. Good balance, great blade, handles well.

By James M. from New Mexico
January 12, 2010

Excellent quality!

By Steve L. from Miami, FL
October 21, 2009

Cuts through South Florida jungle with ease. Cuts through a banana tree in one pass. One heck of a tool. Nice to know made in America still means something to some. You can get cheaper but not better,worth every penny.

By Dan B. from Washington
September 1, 2009

I bought this item for trail clearing. It feels good in the hand and it cut up a storm. I am pleasantly surprised to find that it works as well as it's advertised to work!

By Craig A. from Loma Linda, CA
July 5, 2009

I have not had the pleasure of using it yet, but I know quality when I see it!

By James M. from Edinburg, TX
June 8, 2009

I love the woodman's pal! It does everything I need it to do! I am so glad I bought the woodman's pal.

By Chris R. from Jacksonville, AL
April 9, 2009

This was good service, quick delivery, and the product was as advertised.

By Greg B. from Smithville, TN
January 26, 2009

This is an excellent machete! It has great craftsmanship, is very strong, and cuts great!!!!!

By Robert B. from Newton, NH
January 16, 2009

I bought this item for two reasons. I wanted to give my son a tool that I knew from experience to be useful and I wanted to buy an American made product. I didn't really expect to find the tool that I had grown to appreciate back in the 50s or if I did, I didn't expect it to be of the original quality that I remembered. I am pleased to find that my fears were unfounded and the Woodman's Pal is as excellent and useful as ever.

By Victoria A. from Myrtle Beach, SC
January 7, 2009

The Woodsman's Pal Classic Machete w/ Cordura Sheath & Honing Stone is exactly what my son wanted for hunting. My husband owns one just like it.

By Dennis S. from Moundsville, WV
December 29, 2008

The machete was received in a timely many and in excellent condition. This item was a Christmas present for my son, he was thrilled with it and I was happy with the service.

By Susanne M. from Bakers Mills, NY
December 27, 2008

My husband has been wanting one "for 30 years" so he liked this gift.

By Barbara L. from Sodus Point, NY
November 20, 2008

This is a very handy tool. The first time that I used it, I thought that I had overspent, and was not impressed. But like all tools, you need to learn to use them. I never go out into the woods without it.

By Jim S. from Houston, MO
November 11, 2008

This product is great for removing thick vines and small trees. It fits my hands great and is very well balanced! I highly recommend this product!

By Donna H. from Largo, FL
September 20, 2008

I bought this for my "has every tool out there" husband's 65th birthday. It was a hit! (sorry about the pun.) He loved the look and feel of the handle and the fact that it is so compact yet versatile. It is a great item for the ultimate gardener!

By Ron C. from Virginia
September 6, 2008

Even though I have not used it yet, it appears as though it will work for me. I am going to have to clear a little brush in the woods behind my yard so I can get my lawnmower in to dump the clippings.

By Dexter B. from Honolulu, HI
August 18, 2008

It has a great balance, easy grip and a great price from your website! It arrived quickly.

By Mary Kay L. from Florida
July 25, 2008

I love this machete! Its easy to handle cutting brush. I also appreciate the carrying case and stone. This a great product and I have recommended it to friends. Its also a good size to carry in the truck in case of problems, such as snakes, creepy ones and two legged ones.

By Matthew P. from Bluefield, WV
July 4, 2008

The Woodsman's Pal is a great tool and is definitely worth the money. The only downside for me is it was stolen 2 weeks after I purchased it.

By Eric L. from Dayton, TX
June 28, 2008

I think that the quality of this tool is excellent! It is rugged enough to handle any job that I will have for it, and best of all it's MADE IN AMERICA !!!

By Gary M. from Hudson, IL
February 1, 2008

The Pals were purchased as a gift. They were very pleased with the quality of the items.

By Stuart R. from Hamilton, MT
February 1, 2008

Nothing even comes close in the bush. It is easy to lop off overhead branches and clear a path, and best of all, MADE IN THE USA.

By Gary R. from Phoenix, AZ
January 21, 2008

I purchased this as a gift for my son. He is very happy with it. He will be using it for hunting and clearing on his property. I already have the Classic Machete myself and use it for trimming in the yard year around.

By Margaret C. from Grahamsville, NY
January 21, 2008

I have not used this machete yet as it is midwinter, however I am looking forward to using it. As a gift, it was very nicely presented with a twine tied as a bow and the items in a nice box. I gave one to my Father and he liked it a lot. It feels hefty being able to add power to a swipe but not too heavy. I like the cover because it protects it and keeps the whet stone in with it. It is a nice size to carry around while in the fields. As I said, it looks and feels like it will work like a dream. I can't wait to use it.

By Scott H. from Argyll, U. K.
January 14, 2008

The best so far for clearing rhodies and shrub with minimal effort compared to other more traditional methods. The hook end for removal of roots is particularly useful for dealing with tendrils, etc. As we say "puredeadbrilliant"

By Vince J. from Georgia
January 12, 2008

The woodsman's pal is one fine tool, cuts limbs and brush really well and a well made quality item.

By Linda W. from Santa Rosa, FL
January 11, 2008

Excellent product purchased on line as a gift. My husband is very pleased. I had a good experience ordering. I would purchase from you again.

By Charles P. from Fayetteville, GA
January 9, 2008

I gave it as a gift, so I haven't used it. My brother was impressed with the quality, but he hasn't used it either. It looks like it will do the job.

By Roger A. from Chico, CA
January 4, 2008

I ordered the item to use this spring/summer camping in Northern California, when I expect to give it a lot of hard use. Consequently, it is premature to attempt a meaningful review at this time. As I received it, the Woodman's Pal appears sturdy, well made, properly balanced, and well suited to the intended use. I feel that the nylon sheath is well made and should last far longer than the leather.

By Fred B. from Preble, NY
November 26, 2007

It is just what I needed to clear brush and use when camping.

By Gerry B. from New Wilmington, PA
November 20, 2007

This is a well thought out tool! It is a good balance and finish. First rate!

By Charlie M. from Aurora, CO
August 3, 2007

It was as I thought it would be. I first saw one of these back in 1965, finally able to purchase it. It is a very handy knife/machete/hatchet. Its what I wanted and what I got!

By Gary W. from Brier, WA
July 16, 2007

I bought it for a friend. He loves it! The product is great.

By Mitch S. from New York
June 12, 2007

This is an excellent product and the shipping was fast. I couldn't be happier with my machete

By Joe H. from Mount Pleasant, SC
May 29, 2007

The Machete is a great addition to my tractor for cutting brush!

By Brian S. from Long Island, NY
January 30, 2007

This is excellent craftsmanship and looks like it was packaged with care and pride!

By Susan M. from Magnolia, TX
January 29, 2007

I ordered this for my husband for Christmas. It was just as pictured. It was just what he wanted and it arrived on time as promised. Can't ask for better than that!

By Jim L. from Columbus, OH
January 17, 2007

I bought a Woodman's Pal. It was a Christmas present for my nephew. I played around with it a little before I gave it to him, and it seemed like a very nice tool.

By Jeffrey C. from Long Beach, WA
December 31, 2006

I was giving this machete as a gift, because I have owned one for years and it is a great tool.

By John J. from Palm Springs, CA
October 31, 2006

This is a great product. It is tough, sharp and handy in the woods when putting up deer stands or general camp clearing, and etc.

By Tom G. from Williamsburg, VA
September 17, 2006

This is a heavy duty tool. You will need to file or hone a better edge if you want it sharper. Once sharp, it will work well for you. It does well for it's intended use. Top quality tool!

By David A. from San Diego, CA
September 8, 2006

Condition of item was excellent I am well satisfied.

By Keith M. from Columbus, OH
September 4, 2006

Works great for clearing brush and small branches.

By Harold B. from Roseburg, OR
August 31, 2006

I haven't used it yet. We will start thinning small trees in about a month.

By Jim K. from Cleveland, OH
August 12, 2006

This is an excellent quality machete. It works best on larger/denser foliage. I use this for work as a land surveyor. Works very well on nasty brush and small trees.

By John G. from Long Island, NY
August 8, 2006

It was a speedy delivery, great price, and no problems. I am very happy!

By Ed K. from Oklahoma City, OK
August 4, 2006

The Woodman's Pal is an outstanding tool for camping, hunting, brush clearance, and general use whenever an ax is to big and a knife is to small. Whoever thought up this tool during WWII should have been given a medal!!!

By Pete W. from Scottsdale, AZ
May 31, 2006

The product is exactly what we wanted and the shipping went seemless.

By Bill D. from Augusta, ME
February 25, 2006

Well made in the USA, good service.

By K H. from Baton Rouge , LA
February 17, 2006

Woodsman's Pal is well finished and appears to be extremely well made. It has a good "heft" and packs a wallop on thick vines and azalea branches. Sheath is a little clunky but well made.

By John M. from Landenberg, PA
January 25, 2006

A fine product as advertised...very pleased with it.

By Will B. from Texas
January 13, 2011

Got one for my brother and loves it. Takes with him when goes bow hunting. Great for cutting out a hole or niche to wait for game. I use mine to clear limbs of the 5 oak trees in back yard.

By Wesley H. from Louisiana
May 20, 2009

I ordered this knife as a wedding gift. However he chooses to use it, it will be at his discretion. The optional engraving was an added touch of class. The only thing that I would change on the knife would be the handle grip. I wish it had been more textured or possibly wrapped like a golf club.

By Rick W. from Huntsville, AL
October 25, 2008

It is nicely balanced and well made, but did not cut a 2 1/2" branch until 20 strokes. I ended up getting my hatchet out to cut up the rest of the branch. I think it would be better if it was a little longer like a regular machete.

By Jim K. from Carson City, NV
October 3, 2008

It is good overall and something to be desired.

By Harry M. from Three Mile Bay, NY
July 29, 2008

Although I haven't used it yet, the machete appears to be as well-made and sturdy as advertised.

By Sam W. from Lumpkin, GA
July 24, 2008

This is a very nice addition to my tools used here on my place in the country. It's well made and I'm glad I ordered it!

By Gary L. from Lewisport, KY
April 22, 2007

This is a quality product. Sheath is a perfect fit for the Woodsman Pal machete. I tried the machete and it is well balanced. The sharpened hook on the end works very well. Handy to carry on 4-wheeler or horse riding.

By Robert D. from Center, TX
January 30, 2007

I bought the knife as a Christmas present for my son who lives in Houston, TX. He will be using it on camping trips mostly. From experience with other, less well designed machetes, I believe your design will be very effective and useful.

By Jim S. from Otsego, MI
July 30, 2009

I have always wanted one and I have not been disappointed. It's well made and handles great. I have used a 10" Bowie knife in the past for my camping needs but the woodsman's pal is more efficient and has a better grip. It is worth the money!

By Brad F. from Lake Charles, LA
November 5, 2006

This is a nice little woods axe / brush clearer. It needs more mass to be really great. I really like the quality of this tool and the sheath with belt loop makes carrying it very easy. It is great as long as you don't have tons of clearing to do and great for marking a trail or clearing small branches and vines. The woodman's pal has a great feel in your hand.

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The Woodman's Pal machete is designed to trim, prune, chop, split, blaze trails, brush out lines, clear campsites, chop firewood, split kindling, build hunting blinds or lean-to-shelters. The multipurpose Woodman's Pal machete can efficiently perform the tasks of many tools including machetes, axes, hatchets, pruning saws, pruning shears, pruning knives, bow saws, loppers, Bowie knives and for certain jobs, even chain saws.

Woodman's Pal machetes are handcrafted in Pennsylvania with all American made raw materials. Unsurpassed quality since 1941.

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