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When vegetation is encroaching on your property or brush is blocking your path, cut down anything in your way with the Smith & Wesson Outback Kukri Machete. Based on the multifunctional Nepalese tool, this kukri machete features a curvaceous 12-inch blade made of 440C stainless steel designed to resist rust and corrosion.

The curved blade offers superior chopping capabilities needed to tear through vines and briars with ease, while the comfortable rubber handle surrounds the full tang for control and durability. Protrusions on the handle keep the hand from sliding onto the blade or off the back when wielding the large machete.

The machete also comes with a nylon sheath for easy carry when you're not blazing a path with it.

Blade Length 12.00 inches
Blade Material Stainless Steel (440C)
Sheath Material Nylon
Blade Edge Plain
Point Kukri
Handle Material Rubber
Total Length 17.35 inches
Blade Color Black
Sheath Included Yes
Pocket Clip Included No
Knife Type Fixed Blade
Knife Weight 21.4 ounces
Handle Color Black
Country of Origin China
Machete Type Kukri
Model Number: SWBH
Catalog Number: 45739
Average Rating:
By Thomas P. from Cordova, S.c.
August 20, 2017

Been looking , for a while for this type of Knife. One great knife.

By Charles I. from Nc
March 13, 2017

Have been looking for this knife for some time. Found it at a good price. It's everything I thought it would be. Sweet.

By Melony K. from Brighton Co
October 24, 2016

Very pleased. Just right for my garden.

By Kimberly W. from Georgia
March 5, 2014

I got this machete as a gift for my son. He says that it works well and he loves it.

By Wynand K. from Belize, Central America
February 12, 2014

For the price, the best machete I have ever owned. Strong, durable, keeps it's edge (unless you don't know how to use a curved blade) and the sheath is great. Buy it!

By Darrell S. from Redmond,OR
May 22, 2013

Hefty knife well made,very pleased.

By Dru W. from Alexandria, LA
January 22, 2013

Have not used yet, but like the weight, style and quality.

By Richard H. from Monroe LA
January 21, 2013

Great blade with snug grip

By Dan J. from Red Lodge, MT
July 29, 2012

This is a great tool! Great for camping and gathering wood.

By Frank J. from Sarycuse, NY
July 2, 2012

The Smith & Wesson Bush Hog Kukri Fixed Blade Knife is amazing. I've used this knife for cleaning kill, utility reasons (Cutting rope, digging holes, etc.) and even to eat! I definitely believe that this is a good knife and brand too.

By Devon P. from Hamilton, Ontario
March 18, 2012

Great blade! I use it for work in the yard and cuts through wood with ease, although the first blade I bought broke, (maybe just a poor manufacturing mistake)I sent it in and got a new one within 2 weeks! I use it always it's dirty beat up and for being made in china and the price it's a great heavy duty blade! A few dents and scratches on the edge but easily sharpened to normal I would recommend this blade to anyone for display or working around the house.

By Bob B. from Conover, NC
March 5, 2012

Very well made with good forward weight to make easy cuts for clearing and cutting small fire wood for camp.

By Ken R. from Pittsgrove NJ
June 22, 2011

It is an excellent knife well made and strong enough for for the jobs at hand. I will be buying from you again. I have no complaints with the knife or your company.

By Mike P. from Huntington, WV
June 16, 2011

This product is exactly what I expected. Good quality, strength and weight. Honing an edge of your choice is no problem here.

By Craig D. from Douglas, GA
March 24, 2011

Perfect heavy-duty S&W knife. The sheath is much more durable than I anticipated, as well as perfect for keeping it strapped to your leg and the blade is super easy to keep clean and sharpened. Amazing

By Jeffrey C. from Long Beach, CA
June 24, 2010

It works very well, handle fits my hand good, blade hard at end, for easy cutting of weeds, bamboo, small trees.

By Justin G. from New Hyde Park, NY
June 21, 2010

Balanced nicely, comfortable grip

By Robert A. from Mishawaka, IN
December 28, 2009

I would rate this knife a 10. It's such a killer knife, such a good knife, sharp, and easy to handle. Great marksmanship and is a knife I will take everywhere I will go.

By Chris D. from South Carolina
June 10, 2009

This is wonderful knife! I am very well balanced and solid. You have fast delivery also!

By Mark J. from Coldwater, MS
March 20, 2009

It is perfect as a compact tool for clearing small trees and woody vines. It keeps a good blade.

By Bill M. from Heber Springs, AR
February 2, 2009

This is great for cutting brush to make deer shooting lanes in the woods. It is heavy enough to get the job done and not wear you out.

By Peter D. from Canada
December 22, 2008

This is a great knife! It is light, very sharp, and a great cutting power. This is the best Kukri of the 4. I have a nice sheath too!

By Nat S. from Connection
December 12, 2008

It is great and you can't beat the price!!

By Jeff L. from Casa Grande , AR
March 3, 2008

This is a great machete for a survival pack, light duty cutting of vines, brush or thin sapling trees. It comes very sharp and works very well! It is an excellent tool!

By Fahmi A. from Newcastle, NSW
March 3, 2008

This is a very solid piece of work!

By Noa C. from Tennessee
February 23, 2008

Very powerful. Very fast. Very cool. Want a real review? Youtube Kukri.

By Amanda C. from Fullerton, CA
February 16, 2008

The handle and the blade are well balanced. Would be great to use as an everyday machete, if needed. Has a great grip on the handle. This is a must have for the great price!

By Vil C. from San Diego, CA
February 7, 2008

This is an awesome blade. It is good for zombies!

By Rod P. from Vancouver B. C.
January 26, 2008

This is effective and robust just as advertised.

By Jeremy P. from Seattle, WA
January 5, 2008

Awesome multipurpose blade and great for all kinds of camping tasks. It takes the place of a fixed blade knife, a machete, and even a hatchet. This is the most robust kukri I have seen. I have had it a year and done everything from chopping down saplings to clearing blackberry bushes and even food prep (opening bags).

By Chris R. from Kernersville, NC
December 7, 2007

It would be great if this well constructed tool were more refined in its edge, but perhaps leave that for professional end users. You may never beat this one for durability, functional uses, safety, and value in one knife. My buddy saw mine and ordered one for himself the same week mine arrived. I hate its not American made, but what doesn't come from China? This quality and budget minded product will be an impossible value to beat. The broad blade does not 'stick' as you swing it in hard wood. The Gurkha Khukuri style knife is both safer than a hatchet by using it with a baton for splitting, and tougher than thinner bowie style knives, which may not hold up as well when being pounded through logs. A very practical degree of sharpness allowed me to split Rock and Roll tape along its length with my Gurkha Khukuri. This Gurkha Khukuri has a finish that will give you some peace of mind when you leave it for long periods in the dark recess of your vehicle. The lanyard hole will easily accept para cord, 3mm, or even 4mm cord for your lanyard. This Gurkha Khukuri knife is not an over priced Machete but a good quality big knife with multi function purpose; shelter building, camp work, light trail clearing, or packed inside a 'rainy day' kit. It can fill the role of two or three key items exactly where you need it, [in your traveling gear], it can be a regular duty knife, Machete, and hatchet with less space and weight separately. It does this at fraction of the price of a Woodsman's Pal and keeps the functional tip that is absent on a Woodsman's Pal, which keeps you in need of a separate primary knife. Bring along your razor blades and wire saw [tucked in a tin with your tinder] , but if you had only one blade left at the end of the day you could do all the things you needed to do with this Gurkha Khukuri style blade.

By Derrick K. from Nova Scoita, Canada
October 27, 2007

It has an excellent blade for the price and is very sharp with a great handle. The sheath is designed very well and it is a great knife for hiking through rough bush.

By Dave T. from Lafayette, LA
April 7, 2007

I was looking for this style machete and this is a quality product: substantial blade, nice balance, and comfortable handle. The scabbard is much nicer than what I was expecting. I'm very satisfied.

By Jeff C. from Calvert City, KY
March 8, 2007

This is well made, heavy weight foreware design. It's actually pretty sharp! Most machetes are not that sharp from the store. It has a nice canvas sheath. Great product!

By Jim W. from Bossier City, LA
January 29, 2007

This is a great machete!

By Tom R. from Niceville, FL
January 18, 2007

This was a gift to my brother-in-law. Both he and I were very pleased with the knife. Your service was great.

By Elizabeth G. from North Port, FL
January 16, 2007

I purchased this machete for my dad for Christmas and he loves it.

By Charles K. from Bossier City, LA
December 15, 2006

It was the prefect knife for the kind of brush around my dear stand.

By John B. from Taylor, AZ
November 14, 2006

The curve and weight of the blade and the rubber grip make for very efficient work while keeping blisters to a minimum. Plus it looks cool.

By Alan S. from Western Australia
September 30, 2016

When you open the box you see this huge blade, it will destroy any over grown jungle of a back yard, hold a good edge and is well balances and a joy to use. I use it to cut down bamboo that has gone feral and it does this with ease.

By Dean L. from Lafayette, LA
December 18, 2013

They came to me needing a fine tuned edge. This was done with little to no effort. Now I have 2 great thick cutting instruments. Can't wait to use them..

By J H. from Chicago, IL
September 8, 2012

Sharp knife. Heavy. Ok for bushwhacking. Handle is ok.

By Jordan L. from Baltimore, MD
March 14, 2012

I love it so much its so cool.

By Douglas E. from Bismarck, ND
December 14, 2011

Nice knife, I am happy with the purchase. Good value for the price. Should have two straps on the sheath.

By Glenn A. from Calgary
June 11, 2011

Sharp, chops and cuts well. Nice grip. Sheath is good, but you can pull the knife out without unhooking the restraint. It's not bad, but I prefer a very secure sheath in the back-country.

By Randy D. from Outer Banks NC
December 20, 2010

Nice heavy blade. Solid construction. Feels good and solid in your hand and the handle has a very secure feel to it. Would have gave it a 5 if it was just a little longer.

By Vince N. from Everett, WA
December 27, 2008

This is a good knife and good balance! It needs a snap strap for the sheath and is great for riding through the woods.

By Gervais H. from Charleston, SC
August 17, 2008

It is a very strong and functional knife! The handle is very comfortable and its just an all around good knife for the price.

By John D. from Orange County , CA
July 18, 2008

This item is spectacular for my needs like camping, clearing, hunting, and etc.

By Doc D. from Florida
May 15, 2008

This is a nice blade, an excellent handle, and works well for medium to light work. The sheath is more than adequate for this type of use. I recommend this product for this type of use.

By Andrew A. from Dayton, OH
November 24, 2006

The Smith and Wesson Bush Hog Kukri is a good value. I saw other less expensive products, but I paid a little more, but not too much, for better quality. The blade is strong and sturdy, and just the right weight. The handle is dense rubber and assures a strong grip. There is a hole in the end of the handle to attach an optional rope for extra chopping and swinging security. I also like the sheath. It is made of rugged nylon; it has a belt loop and a ring at the bottom for securing to the leg. The size is perfect for portability, and fits in a ruck or a day pack.

By Wendy J. from Washington
October 30, 2006

It works fine for brush chopping!

By Monte R. from Amarillo, TX
August 5, 2006

Very good.

By Monte R. from Amarillo, TX
August 5, 2006

Very good.

By Kris S. from Los Angeles, CA
May 19, 2006

It is a sturdy, all purpose knife. It has a good handle and a heavy blade it was very handy in our camping trips.

By Jess M. from United States
August 10, 2012

The knife is great - it is exactly what I expected. The problem is the sheath. Right out of the box I noticed the blade had punctured through it. It is cheap and sewn together and it is no match for this extremely sharp machete. Now I basically have a huge blade with no way to transport it safely when I go camping.

By Chris G. from Tucson , AZ
July 21, 2006

It is a good value for the price. However stainless steel doesn't hold an edge as good as high carbon steel,and this knife could benefit from some improvements to the angle of the factory hone. For general bushwhacking duties it will suffice due to the general nature of the Kukri, but don't expect to fillet some trout at the end of the day.

By Phil S. from Perth, Western Australia
August 18, 2016

Rubbish. I bought this knife thinking it would be a reliable all rounder after my Ontario SP8 was stolen. After literally swinging it 5 times into a soft semi rotten branch it snapped across the narrow section of the blade. I can't imagine what would have happened if I actually ever had to rely on this poor excuse for a knife. After this review I am going back to a real knife and buying another Ontario SP 8. At least that is a knife I can rely on not breaking when I need it most.

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