Picnic Backpacks for 4

Picnic Backpacks for 4

Are you looking for a picnic pack that can transport lunch for the whole family? Search no further than our picnic backpacks for 4, a collection of full-service packs and duffels at affordable prices. Picnic backpacks for 4 are insulated, heavy-duty products that come with pockets and pouches for everything from wine bottles to food and drink. Standard features include silverware, tablecloths and chopping boards, and many models have picnic blankets as well. When it comes to design, flexibility is the priority in our picnic packs. Do you want wheels to help haul your picnic wares? Then, pick one of our trolley models with cross-country wheels ready to tackle any landscape. Prefer straps? Well, just snag one of our duffel or backpack models, which have a variety of adjustable, heavy-duty straps that will make carrying your lunch or dinner as comfortable as eating it.

Picnic Time Avalanche Cooler on Wheels w/ Deluxe Service for 4
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This backpack is wonderful. I like the deep blue color of the outside, the sturdy fabric construction, and the plain, white dinner plates. Having owned one of these backpacks for years until it was completely worn out, I was happy to find this as a replacement for a much-loved fill-it-up-and-go (i.e. convenient) picnic "tool box". It is a nice touch that the cooler portion has a removable liner for easy clean up. This makes a great gift for newlyweds, or newly retired folks who like to enjoy the outdoors.

This backpack is as nice as it looks and nicer! It is so well made and the material is terrific. I've gotten it twice now as a wedding gift, and every time I am jealous. I think it's about time to get one for myself...

Great quality...the only thing I missed was a small tablecloth. It is a wedding gift so the young couple probably wouldn't miss it as they could use the blanket which is of high quality. I bought four place mats to go with it, but that's just me as I am a little old fashioned.

By Kim D.
Picnic Plus Tremont 4-Person Picnic Backpack with Blanket (Navy)

This is my go-to wedding gift and have purchased several over the years. I add a bottle of wine/champagne to finish off the gift. While I have not personally used these backpacks, the recipients always LOVE them! They appear to be sturdy, well-made, good-looking and well-provisioned with quality plates, utensils, plastic wine glasses, napkins, etc.

Very nice premium picnic package. Purchased as a wedding gift for a couple of outdoorsy folks we know. The quality was very nice and it seemed to be very true to the item description. Would have been really nice to include a table cloth and napkins, but the included blanket serves that purpose probably.

By Cheryl W.
Picnic at Ascot Eco Wheeled Cooler for 4

Love love love our wheeled cooler for 4

I bought this backpack for my brother and his fiance for Christmas. It was the perfect gift choice for them. I had it sent straight to them. They told me that they were really, really impressed. The quality was excellent. They're very social people, so I had to make sure that I chose a backpack that a had a cutlery set for 4, instead of 2 people - giving them the option of catering for friends. So, I wanted to make sure that I was buying a quality product, that would last. Especially given that it's for outdoors, and might get knocked around a little. I also wanted to make sure that the item I chose had EVERYTHING included. So they weren't left having to worry about what else they needed. They were completely set. From the picnic blanket; to the red wine holder. I know my brother adores his food and wine, and would appreciate this feature. Although the blanket has no rubber backing on it to protect people from damp ground; I think it makes it much easier to wash it. And it looks very soft to sit on - unlike the rubber-backed ones that are very uncomfortable. And it makes it lighter to carry. I did a lot of research before selecting this item. And I'm absolutely delighted with my purchase. Highly recommend it. Thank you, Picnic World!

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