Wheeled Coolers

Wheeled Coolers

Nothing spoils a picnic quicker than warm beverages, which is why Picnic World offers a fantastic collection of affordable wheeled coolers to keep your drinks frosty in any weather. Whether you're looking for a sleek wine tote to carry wine bottles or a heavy-duty cooler to store beer for a tailgate, we have the wheeled cooler you need. With capacities from 20 canned drinks to 300, our wheeled coolers are suited for a variety of purposes. All-terrain wheels and adjustable carry handles make carrying a big load of drinks a breeze, while gel-pack insulators keep beverages cold without the hassles and weight of hauling ice. In addition, many of our wheeled-coolers have full-service picnic supplies for 4, meaning that you'll have plenty of silverware, napkins and other picnic accessories available.

I am using the item as a raffle gift at my company's holiday luncheon. I am impressed with the item and I know the lucky employee who receives it will like it as well.

I bought this Picnic Cooler as a shower for my daughter who is getting married this Fall. She and her fiancee enjoy attending outdoor events as well as taking some time to walk to the lake near where they live. A serene picnic is often a welcome treat for the two of them. This seemed like the perfect gift for them. I love the details given to designing this product, such as the separate opening for the wine compartment and the insulated compartment for food. The separate compartment for utensils and plates is also a nice feature. It is also a convenient option to have the versatility to put the cooler on wheels if desired. All in all I can't wait to give them this picnic cooler this summer at their couples shower!

Flawless design and craftsmanship. i will use this to transport my homecooked food with me on all of my travels and excursions.

Quality and functionality is beyond my expectations

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