2 Person Picnic Backpacks

Rest your afternoon picnic securely on your shoulders with one of our many picnic backpacks for 2 and picnic totes. Our picnic backpacks for 2 are models of efficiency, specially designed to give you maximum packing space without sacrificing comfort. They have built-in compartments for features from blankets to wine bottles, in addition to being equipped with silverware and other dining accessories. Most of our picnic backpacks for 2 are fully-insulated, ensuring that your food stays fresh and delicious. However, the number one feature our customers rave about in our picnic totes are the many pockets, pouches and compartments, which are stationed intuitively throughout the backpacks. Available in a host of designs and models--from duffels to backpacks to totes--picnic backpacks are ideal for transporting a full-service meal for you and a companion. And like all our products, they are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.

2 Person Picnic Backpacks
Picnic Time Malibu-Moka Picnic Pack for 2
$89.95 $99.95
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Perfect for two person bike ride and picnic only wish the plastic wine glasses were a little more sturdy.

Great basket but the blanket is very cheap....had I known I would not have paid the extra.

Great for a guy. Most picnic backpacks look too feminine to appeal to a man

I bought this as a gift for my son to take on dates. The backpack fits his adventurous personality. I bought picnic baskets for my other children, but he may have felt differently about carrying a basket. The backpack is well made and has all the trimmings. Just pop a bottle of wine in the wine holder and some crackers and cheese, and you've got a last minute picnic!

This was a gift and the person I gave it to just loved it. She said it was very useful.

Very nice and portable. Color scheme is nice with coordinating linens and plates. Love the pockets in the main food compartment. It would be nice to include a small tablecloth with the napkins.

Purchased as a gift. Was as pictured. Quality seems good, time will tell.

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