Portable Picnic Blankets

Portable Picnic Blankets

Nothing hampers the fun of a picnic more than a shabby blanket, which is why Picnic World offers a versatile collection of picnic blankets at cheap prices. Whether you're looking for something light to relax on while watching a spring sunset, or a heavy duty picnic blanket to keep yourself warm in frigid conditions, we've got you covered. Most of our picnic blankets are made of fleece and waterproof--ideal for keeping you dry and repelling spills. They are easily transportable in totes, packs, duffels and baskets, giving you maximum flexibility while you're on the go. Lastly, many of our picnic blankets can double as camping blankets, in case picnicking is just part of your larger outdoor adventure.

By Barbara D.
Peterboro Basket Co. Honey Color Classic Empty Picnic/Storage Furniture Finished Basket

This is a lovely basket. Very roomy and sturdy.

Great blanket, just the right size. Lightweight and a great complement to the picnic basket we bought.

Purchased blanket for comfort, but could not fit one to match basket.

This was purchased along with a basket for a wedding gift and it was the hit of the shower, will surely purchase again.

By Kimberly S.
Mega Mat Folded Picnic Blanket with Shoulder Strap - 68" x 82" (Nautical Navy)

The oversize blanket was perfect for all of us at an outdoors concert.

By George P.
Mega Mat Folded Picnic Blanket with Shoulder Strap - 68" x 82", (Blue Bayou)

We haven't had this product for long, so I can't speak to how long-lasting it is, but it is very functional. I like the print (a darker plaid, Blue Bayou, in order not to show stains!), the waterproofing worked great on some wet grass, and I love the way it folds up into a very manageable size with its own strap to carry it with.

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